How to Make Rainbow Eyes in Photoshop

By | June 19, 2012



You would see rainbow after the raining when the sky clears after raining. It looks very nice. It is the great wonder of nature. We are not teaching you to make this. But we are teaching you to making rainbow eyes in photoshop. When you will use photoshop software, you can easily convert brown or black and white eyes in the rainbow eyes which look very nice. For this, you need to understand the graphic editing of photoshop. Following steps will be helpful to learn it.

1. To Make New Layer and Select it 

To make new layer is must. After this, you have to select it in right side layer box.

2. To Magnify the Eyes 

You magnify the eyes. With this, you can see the area clearly.

3. To Fill the different Color with Foreground colors.

There will be the fill tool. With this, you have to fill the color on the eyes by selecting different colors from foreground colors box.

4. To use Gaussian Blur for light the color

Now, you have to go to filter and select the option of blur. In blur you have to select Gaussian blur and to light the color of rainbow on the eyes as per your requirement.

5. Save the picture and Compare with your actual picture

Now, just go to the file and save the picture in png format. After this, you can compare your actual eyes with your made rainbow eyes.

Following video will explain to you everything practically.


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