How to Connect Inverter Wiring

By | August 10, 2013



Recently, we have called Electrical Mechanic who connect inverter wire with its button. He also connect it with supply line of electricity for operating fan on my room’s ceiling. Here, I am writing its steps in text form.

1. He opened the button of fan.
2. He took the wire of fan.
3. He connected it with blank button of fan.
4. He took a small wire.
5. He uncovered its beginning and ending side.
6. Now, he checked single wire which is inverter wire. He also checked its connection with other button.
7. Now, join small wire’s beginning side with this button’s + side and then join it with blank button of fan. Now, my ceiling fan is working with inverter wire.

Importance Notice : – Svtuition is free online virtual school. Its aim is to provide the information and knowledge through video. Because electrical engineering is risky field. We also recommend to do practical with your physical tutor also. If you are doing its practical, please switch off whole electricity supply from main switch.


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