How to Connect Internet to HCL Me U1

By | August 22, 2012


Today, I have bought HCL Tablet Model Me U1. I had faced the problem for connecting its internet. After writing some setting, I have succeeded to operate Reliance 3 G internet on it. If you can interested to learn. See above video. Following is the written procedure of this.

1st Step : Connect the Dongle

Just go to market and buy 3G wireless modem dongle. If you want to check all the companies. Then, you should buy unlocked dongle. Otherwise you can get only specific 3G internet service. You should insert 3G internet connection sim in this. It should be activated.

2nd Step : Configure the Setting 

Just Go to the homepage, you will see setting button. Click it or press it with your finger. Off the Wi-Fi.  Then go to more and click the mobile networks. In mobile networks, you will see data enabled ok the blue mark button. You will see also data roaming. You should also ok this.

3rd Step : Access Point Name Setting 

When you will press the access point name setting. You will reach inside of this.

Select name of your company’s radio button. In case, I am using reliance, I have selected the radio button Reliance Internet. After this, I have press it and went to APN, it should be rcomnet. APN type should be internet. Authentication type should be POP. Now, save the setting by click the button in the picture and you will see the save.

After saving, go to home page. Then browse the google. You internet will be ready.

Worning : If you are in home, you can face networking problem, for solving it come out of home and use your internet.


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13 thoughts on “How to Connect Internet to HCL Me U1

  1. Saumya Singh

    I am facing problem to connect HCL ME U1 Tablet to internet using Reliance Connection.Pls tell me the all necessary settings for below mentioned:

    I am requesting following APN details: –




    Dial Number:

    APN Type:







    MMS Proxy:

    MMS Port:

    Authentication Type:

    (1) None

    (2) PAP

    (3) CHAP

    (4) PAP or CHAP

    APN Protocol:

    (1) IPv4

    (2) IPv6

    (3) IPv4 / IPv6

    APN enabled:

    (1) Yes

    (2) No


    (1) LTE

    (2) eHRPD

    (3) Unspecified

  2. ranjan sharma

    my HCL me u1 tablet not deleting previous photos, videos etc. after shut down again that deleted photos comes and new saved photos not comes.
    no.2 i have connected d-link un-locked 3g gsm dongle with 3g sim of aircel
    but there is no response. please help me for solving problem.thanks.

  3. Ritwik

    Boss u need not to worrry just cal HCL Care Center he will give you all the information abt net setting.
    bcz i m using this tab from last 2 year nd its nice.


  4. Laxmikant

    I am able to browse with net connect on my hcl u 1, also google play is working with IT. but on tab right below corner though IT shows 3g sign, IT show S internet not connected.
    apps like hcl me apple store or flash player does not recognise it as an internet connection. main issue is due to this downloading is not happening at all with reliance net connect.
    any help in this regard will be highly appriciated.

    1. dinesh

      i am using hcl tab u1 i connect it with wifi,it shows it is connectec by any setting like open wpa-psk,wpa2-psk. It displays the page sometime and after 2 -3 times it gives message like time out error.i am using bsnl dsl modem ITI DNA 211-I. please help me

  5. laxmikant

    Yes I can connect reliance netconnect with 3G logo on HCL me u1, but the issue is most applications including HCl Android OS does not recognise it as Internet connection. So though browsers are working fine, I am not able to download anything and applications like HCL me app store & Flash player are not able to recognise it as internet connection.

    Also thoug I can use Google play store, the download does not supported due to “unknown” internet connection.

    Any help in this regard would be highly applicated.


  6. Mansoor


    i have recently purchased hcl me u1 but i m not able to use internet. i have airtel 3g dongle. Could u plz help me in this regard…

  7. Shailesh

    Recently I Have purchased HCL me U1 Tablet but I am Not Able to Connect Internet to My Teblet & I was Also Save the Proper Setting but still Faceing the same Problem Please Provide me Proper Solution as Soon as possible

  8. kuldeep

    i m not able to connect internet to HCL ME U1 , i m using unlocked idea netsetter & tatadocomo sim in that , plz help

  9. digpal singh

    i m not able to connect internet to HCL ME U1 , i m using unlocked idea netsetter & tatadocomo sim in that , plz help

  10. anuskasri

    as said by laxmikant i too have reliance netconnect.but the browser is working and apps are not working.please help me

  11. sanjay kumar singh

    I have hcl me u1 tablet. I connect with internet without any problem and even work doing on internet but in middle of work browser suddenly go back to home page . Pls help me. thanks.


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