How to Plaster a Brick Wall with Cement

By | June 24, 2012


To plaster a brick wall with cement is very necessary for decoration of your home. Without plaster, your brick wall will not shine. But due to increasing labor cost, it has become costly. So, better is to learn its steps and then practice. After good practice, you can start to plaster brick walls as your profession. With this, you can earn money.

1. Wet the Brick Wall

Before doing plaster on the brick wall with cement, wet the brick wall. More you will wet with water, more possibility of better paste of plaster.

2.  Produce the Mixture for Plaster

For making mixture, you need three things. One is cement, second is sand and third is water. Take one bag cement. Take four bag of sand. Mix them. Use water for a paste like mixture.

3.  Create First Layer of Mixture

With the help of trowel, you have thrown the mixture on the wet wall. This coat should be paste on some portion of wall which you can easily manage.

5. Plain the Layer

Now take the stick and plan the layer coat.

6. Rotate Square Towel 

You should rotate the square towel three or four times for give the quality and stability to the plaster on the brick wall.

Watch its video tutorial at here.


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    I realy enjoyed this lesson and i practice it well, thanks


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