Dr. Mathura Das Sawtanter

Dr. Mathura Das is Retired Principal of Kendriya Vidyalaya (Indian Army). He taught English to the Students for 41 years. After providing service as headmaster, he retired. Then he joined Kendriya Vidyalaya (Indian Army) as Principal of Kendriya Vidyalaya (Indian Army). As principal, he served 9 years in kendriya vidyalaya Chandigarh,  kendriya vidyalaya Ambala, kendriya vidyalaya Patiala and kendriya vidyalaya baramulla Kashmir.  He is the Founder of Vidyarthi Kalyan Prishad, a Not-for-Profit Organisation which provides  the support to poor, orphan and need students. Now, he is 75 years and he is secretary of this NGO.  He goes to schools and colleges and finds the poor and orphan students. Through his organisation, he provides the support to them.

Early life and education

Dr. Mathura Das was born in Pre-partition Punjab (Pakistan). His father died when he was just the age of 7 years. His  mother had taken his  all  responsibility. After 10th Class, he completed the JBT Course and became the primary teacher. He holds 5 degrees  B.A, M.A., B.Ed., M.Ed and Phd. He married and Now, he is the father of 2 sons and 1 daughter. One son is lawyer and other son is Doctor. His daughter is a Govt. School teacher.


He started his career from a primary teacher. After doing hard work for getting higher education, he became header master of Punjab Govt. School and then the Principal of Central Govt. Secondary School. He did his duty with dedication and devotion.

Founder of Vidyarthi Kalyan Prishad

He is the founder of Vidyarthi Kalyan Prishad. He established it in 1988. In 24 years, he supported large number of poor, needy and orphan students. So, come and join in this Organisation. If you want to donate to this organisation, you can contact Dr. Mathura Das Sawtanter at 09915522840.

My Recommendation


I know Dr. Mathura Das from past 12 years. Before coming to online teaching, he was my guide. He is very intelligent, humble, philanthropic. He always thinks the welfare of students. Time to time, he motivates online students through Svtuition youtube channel. I pray to God for his Good health.


Dr. M.D. Sawtanter’s Online Teaching Profile

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His Lectures 

1.  Importance of Education in India 

2. Motivation to Poor Students

3. Hard Work is the Key to Success

4. Motivational Message

5. What is Om

6. Donation for Uttarakhand Flood Victims

7. Trust in Other

8. Stress Management in Hindi