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One Crore Earning

Hello, I read your article and i tried but couldn't earn. I am a 25 year old person trying to help my dad clear of his financial troubles. We sold everything and still short of three crores. I don't even know why .

Call Option and Put Option

Please  explain call option and put option and strike rate, etc in detail. I am a CS final student and would like to attempt to solve this problem in Financial,Treasury Forex Management paper. Srinivas from India Srinivas! In finance, call option and put option are the two phase of one coin. One .

Future Contract vs Forward Contract

Dear sir, first of all thank you for this opportunity. My question is about hedging instrument.  What is the difference between future contract and forward contract? KADHAFI from Rwanda (Africa) Kadhafi! Both future contract and forward contract are simplify the contract. We know the contract is .

BEP for Bidding a Chit

Dear Sir, I am paying an amout of Rs. 10000 Per month in a chit fund company. This is a 25 Months chit with an amount of Rs 2.5 Lakhs. 2% is the commision. In the 11 th month, I won the chit and received net amount of Rs 1.95 Lakhs. I would like to know whether I am profited of lost by bidding this .

Financial Difficulties and Their Solutions

Discuss the problems and costs which might arise for  a company experiencing a period of severe financial difficulties. What possible solution you precribed for this? Sagar from united kingdom   Financial difficulties may be defined as the lack of fund for repayment of loan and other operation .

Working Capital Loan Problem and Solution

A new private company (incorporation date 29-11-2011) wants a working capital loan of Rs.35 lakhs to run Tata motors servicing centre at a semi-urban area. As a manager of a Bank we have to finance the company- How we will proceed? Subhasishmodak from India Subhasishmodak ! Working capital loan are .