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Editing – (Videography Tips)

A significant event should always be shot from varying perspectives and camera positions. Later, during editing, you can use the greatest camera angles alone or in mixture. Make a aware effort to tape events from more than one camera angle (first the clown in the circus ring, but then also the laughing .

Rules of Thumb for Video Editing

  Here are some guidelines that may be helpful when you come to edit your movie. Of course, there are no hard and fast rules, especially if your work is humorous or experimental.   Do not string together scenes in which the camera is moving. Pans, zooms, and other moving shots .

How to Get More Clicks on Google Adwords

Every advertiser wants more and more quality clicks at very cheap rates. But when he finds many clicks but no sale, he feels very upset and try to leave google adwords. But if he uses his brain, he can survive himself more in google adwords. You can survive yourself in google adwords if you know the .

How to Manage Youtube Subscriptions

Through making of this video, we are happy to tell you that it becomes easy to manage YouTube subscriptions. In this video, you will find the simple steps to manage youtube subscription. This steps will apply whether you have subscriptions 100 videos channels or 1 million video channels. You just .

How to Recharge Reliance 3G Online

If you want to recharge reliance 3G online data pack for operating your internet through dongle, you need to go the website of reliance company. For this, just search reliance on google and then go to prepaid option. in prepaid option, just go to prepaid recharge. Then write your mobile number. Now, .

How to Be a Good Computer Operator

For becoming good computer operator, you need to become perfect in computer learning. There are lots of things, you should know in computer area. Just typing is not sufficient. MS office is the main software in which you should be perfect but there are also large number of software. If you can work large .

Mailto Hyperlink in Access

Before learning Mailto Hyperline in Access, we want to tell that mailo is not any email service just like gmail or yahoo email but it is the just url scheme which helps user to send email without copying email address and compose it in gmail or yahoo or other email service. It is internet assigned number .

How to Get the ID of Page in WordPress

After long time search on google, I have finally succeeded to get the ID of Page in WordPress. To find it is easy, if you are expert in wordpress, otherwise, you can spend whole day. So, today, I am writing its steps. 1st Step : Login your wordpress account. 2nd Step : Go to All pages 3rd Step .

How to Use Laptop

  Recently, I have bought HCL ME XITE L 1055 laptop with Rs. 25000 (approximately). Today, I am interested to learn what ports are attached with this laptop. After learning, I got amazing information which I want to share with you. a) In modern laptop, you can operate live projector through .