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Difference Between Matrix and Determinant

Both matrix and determinants are the part of business mathematics. Both are useful for solving business problem. Both are helpful for calculation of each other. For calculation of inverse of matrix, we need to calculate the determinant. For calculating the value of 3X3 matrix or more matrix, we need .

Variable Overhead Variance

This lecture is the part of Cost Accounting Lectures Series. In this lecture, we take the Variance Analysis Chapter and topic variable overhead variance. Variable overhead variance formula is little confusing for students. Actually, in this, we do not take standard variable overhead cost. But we .

How to Convert Input Tax to Output Tax in Tally

 "Dear sir, My name is mohammed shani, works in saudi arabia. My question is,  "How we can convert Input tax to output tax in tally?"  As you know both accounts are in one group "" taxes&Duties"" and I am totally puzzled..... In a simple way of saying I have an out put tax amounts 1000 and .

Trial Balance Error and Rectification

"Hi, I am Anas from Qatar. currently I am facing two problem in my new company as follows. 1- Trial balance error and it shows opening balance difference. how can I intercept the particular opening balances. how can I solve if it is not the opening balance mistake. 2- In the bank statement of March .

What is RECL?

RECL means reclaim. It is banking term. When you go to Bank ATM and fill any amount and it is not received by you but is deducted from your bank account. It is sure, you will feel shock to see the deduction in ATM receipt without receiving of that amount. At that time, if you send request of reclaiming .

How to Fill Ink in HP Cartridge

Sometimes ago, I had no knowledge of filling or refilling the ink in hp cartridge. Recently, I went to my friend's cafe and learned his way to fill ink in HP Cartridge. In this, video, I have explained what my friend did. My friend has more than 4 years experience re-filling ink cartridges at .

Instrument Mutilated

If you have sent your cheque for clearing and your cheque is rejected by writing the reason of objection of instrument mutilated, then it means that your cheque is raw-boned. Day before yesterday, I sent my cheque for collection. That day, machine in which I had to deposit was not operating good way. .